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Automated Home Feedback System Guarantees to Keep You Informed!


Our VIP Seller Service provides you with timely, online, direct feedback from prospective buyers -- Your home will sell FASTER and for MORE money!


Some real estate agents seem more concerned about generating new listings than they are about selling the homes they've already listed, so after you list your home with them, they become much more difficult to contact.  Providing you with timely feedback on the progress they are making is a very low priority item. If they're not making progress on selling your home, you're the last person they want to talk with.  Many agents just assume that eventually your home will sell just because they've put it into the multiple listings system, even if it takes several months and a couple of price reductions to do it.


We're different. Our automated client Home Feedback System is just one way we provide you a much better home selling experience ending with the results you need.


 Here's how it works:



  1.  Each time your property is shown to a prospective buyer, the details of the showing              are entered into my Home   Feedback System.

  2.  My system then automatically follows up with each showing agent up to three times             to solicit his buyer's comments on your home (Most agents don't have time to                         follow-up even once, let alone three times).  Once received, these comments are                     automatically entered into the system.

  3. As my client, you will receive private online access to the Home Feedback System.


With the Home Feedback System, you:

       • View all feedback responses to-date
       • View statistics summarizing all feedback to-date
       • View the status of pending feedback
       • View comments posted on activity that we have done to help sell your home

       • E-mail us directly

What does this mean to you?


You agree to receive property info, updates, and other resources via email, phone and/or text message. Your wireless carrier may impose charges for messages received. You may withdraw consent anytime. We take your privacy seriously.

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